Thermal Spike Torpedoes

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In addition to a thermocouple controlled body heater, thermally coordinated to the actual mold environment to maintain optimum resin temperature, the “SOLUTION” low voltage torpedoes feature an independent spike tip heater that provides a precision gate valve function.

The valve action is accomplished by turning the spike tip element on and off in a timed sequence synchronized to the processing cycle mold opening action. Mold opening initiates a time delayed tip element activation. Activation of the tip element rapidly heats the resin in the gate area to the required melt temperature for injection. During or immediately after injection the tip heating element is deactivated. At the completion of part filling the resin in the gate rapidly cools, allowing the part to be cleanly separated from the solidified or semi solidified resin in the gate as the mold opens. The thermal spike valve torpedoes provide cosmetically clean gate marks while eliminating stringing and drooling at the gate.

Heating elements of the “SOLUTION” Thermal Spike Valve Torpedoes are embedded in ceramic compacted to near theoretical density for optimum heat transfer and insulation dielectric. The densely compacted assembly maximizes performance and reliability and provides total resistance to vibration, shock and physical abuse. The rapid transfer of heat from the element to the tip substantially improves heating and cooling rates in the critical tip and gate area and permits the use of higher tip heat settings. The tip heating rate exceeds 200° F. per second with gate opening time only limited by resin thermal properties, gate configuration and cavity temperature.

“SOLUTION” Thermal Spike Valve Torpedoes feature a built-in thermowell equipped with a removable type “K” mineral insulated thermocouple. The removal feature permits the use of alternate calibration and junction types as well as providing for the replacement of damaged thermocouples. The low maintenance construction is available in range of materials satisfying the needs of both general purpose and engineering grade resins and also features replaceable power leads and a repairable tip. The integral heated “SOLUTION” Thermal Spike Valve Torpedo is an incredibly compact, high strength torpedo capable of reliable performance under the most severe operating conditions. The high performance construction improves process cycle, reduces down time and provides extended torpedo service life for more cost effective molding.

Duratherm is currently manufacturing the precision thermal spike valve components in configurations and power ratings suitable for direct replacement of existing thermal valve gating torpedoes as well as new hot runner and insulated runner valve gating applications. Companion accessories including stainless steel o-rings and closed-loop control systems designed for use with the thermal spike valve torpedoes are also available. Our exclusive integral heated torpedo construction in combination with the thermal spike tip heater provides performance, reliability and precision gating for single sprue, multi-drop hot manifold and insulated runner applications.

Product Sample Photographs

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“MAXPAK” Thermal Spike Center-Feed Torpedo Group
“MAXPAK” Thermal Spike Center-Feed & Side-Feed Torpedoes Sectioned To Show Compacted Elements
“MAXPAK” Thermal Spike Side-Feed Manifold Torpedo With Tip Energized
“MAXPAK” Thermal Spike Center-Feed Torpedo With Tip Energized
“MAXPAK” Thermal Spike Center-Feed Torpedo Sectioned To Show Compacted Body & Tip Elements
“MAXPAK” Thermal Spike Center-Feed Torpedo Gated Polypropylene Parts Showing Small Gate Marks

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"Solution" Introduction and Selection
"Solution" Introduction and Selection