System Components

TRUTEMP “SOLUTION” Runnerless Mold Components And Systems

Our successful effort to improve and refine the integral heated design has established the SOLUTION as the new standard of excellence in component performance. Comprehensive testing of component surface temperature in the mold environment has enabled Duratherm to match the component heat profile to the specific design characteristscs of any desired mold system.

SOLUTION component design provides the heat uniformity essential to precision molding of all thermoplastic resins. Components are available in a choice of insulated or hot runner heat profiles and will yield optimum results when used in the appropriate system.

SOLUTION components designed for conventional insulated runner molds are also suitable for use in insulated runner systems where distribution bars or runner torpedoes provide internal runner heat. SOLUTION components designed for hot runner applications should only be used in systems equipped with a heated manifold.

The SOLUTION components can be customized to produce the optimum heat profile for a specific molding application. Custom components can readily satisfy the demanding process requirements encountered in precision molding of heat sensitive resins. Heat profile adjustments to compensate for mold design variations can be readily accommodated.
Quality Design and Construction.

    1. Machined To Precision Dimensions. All Solution components are machined to close dimensional tolerances, using a combination of CNC turning and precision grinding operations. Each component is subjected to a rigorous final inspection process prior to shipment.
    2. Premium Heat-treated Tool Steel. All of the standard components are machined from AISI H13 tool steel heat-treated to a hardness of 54-56 RC. Additional grades of tool steel as well as special coatings can be supplied to meet the special requirements of glass and mineral filled resins.
    3. Precise Temperature Control. A quality, mineral insulated thermocouple can be inserted into the built-in thermowell for precise temperature control. The temperature uniformity of the Solution construction in conjunction with closed-loop control optimizes the processing of all thermoplastic resins.
    4. Optimum Heat Profile. All Solution components are thermally coordinated to the processing environment. All components have been designed for in-process temperature uniformity and have been tested in the actual mold environment for conformance to our strict standards.
    5. Reliable Heating Element. The swaged, integral heated constuction insures maximum heat transfer efficieny. High quality element wire, wound to precise computer designed gauge and pitch requirements, is metallurgically bonded to the pins during swaging for optimum connection performance.
    6. Superior Lead Systems. Standard lead systems feature duplex, teflon insulated, stranded nickel wire. Leads are silver soldered to the terminal pins and sealed with a high temperature silicone RTV potting material. A strain relief bracket secures and stabilizes the lead system.