Center-Feed Torpedoes

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The “SOLUTION” center-feed torpedoes provide a cost effective method of incorporating the performance, reliability and precision gating of our integral heated torpedo construction in single sprue and multi-drop hot manifold applications. “SOLUTION” center-feed torpedoes are offered in a variety of standard configurations to satisfy the requirements of both new and existing runnerless tooling. Our versatile center-feed components can be readily manufactured in custom configurations to satisfy special dimensional requirements in new molds or to retrofit existing bushings in problem molds. These components can also be manufactured in a double ended configuration with indepently heated and controlled torpedoes at each end of the head.

Our “SOLUTION” center-feed torpedoes represent a new and advanced approach to torpedo bushing design. Each unique construction is designed to provide optimum heating characteristics while maximizing component reliability. The integral heated “SOLUTION” center-feed torpedo is an incredibly compact, high strength torpedo bushing capable of reliable performance under the most severe operating conditions. The thermocouple and leads exit through a protective fitting designed to accomodate protective armor, braid or sleeving. All center-feed components incorporate a replacable thermocouple and a repairable lead system to further extend component life.

The center-feed torpedoes’ thermal characteristics are coordinated to the actual mold environment. Each bushing configuration has been carefully tested to insure that temperature uniformity will meet our exacting standards. This thermal coordination establishes the optimum temperature profile for actual mold operating conditions and provides the temperature uniformity essential to quality molding of all thermoplastic resins.

A mineral insulated thermocouple, easily installed into the integral thermowell, provides precise temperature control. The thermocouple sensing junction is located in the tip of the torpedo which insures that the critical gating area of the tool is controlled at the optimum processing temperature.

SOLUTION” center-feed torpedo performance has been extensively tested in the molding of both general purpose and engineering grade resins. Typical molding improvements include superior gating and improved molded part quality. Molders have repeatedly confirmed the superior processing results provided by our system coordinated heat profiles.

In addition to suppying both standard and custom “SOLUTION” center-feed torpedoes, Duratherm will supply complete runnerless systems incorporating these quality components. For additional information regarding manifolds and complete systems, refer to the appropriate catalog sections or contact the Duratherm engineering group.

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Center-Feed Double End Double Angle Gating Torpedo
Center-Feed Torpedoes Multi-Tip With Titanium Nitride Coating
Center-feed Double End Dual Tunnel Gating Torpedo
Center-feed Double End Multi Tunnel Gating Torpedo

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