Swaged Bushing Heaters

Duratherm has developed the revolutionary “MAXPAK” swaged sleeve heater. This exciting product features the performance of swaged cartridge heaters in a hollow tube configuration. The versatile, swaged sleeve heater can be utilized in diverse range of applications including plastics equipment, packaging equipment, food processing, aerospace, liquid metal transfer, die casting, chemical liquid processing, glass processing and air heating.

The high performance sleeve heaters are available in a variety of sheath materials allowing operation at temperatures up to 1600° F. (800° C.) continuous.

The unique construction can be readily manufactured in a wide variety of inside diameters and features a total wall thickness of outer sheath, inner sheath and element of .187 inches (4.75 mm) on large diameter sleeve heaters, .156 inches (3.175 mm) on medium diameters and as small as .125 inches (3.175 mm) on smaller diameters.

The “MAXPAK” swaged sleeve heater can be made with a close tolerance bore designed for a precision slip fit on a bushing and does not require a separate cover. Installation typically consists of slipping the heater on the bushing or nozzle and then installing a snap ring in place at the tip end to prevent the heater from moving forward.

The sleeve heater can used as a heater for bushings and nozzles, a new bushing and nozzle design which allows for larger flow passages and the ability to utilize interchangeable screw in tips as well as a large variety of special heating applications.

Sleeve heater designs incorporating a machined tip end and heat concentrated only at the tip provide 360 degree circumferential heating offering the ideal approach to plastic container heat sealing applications.

Sleeve heaters can be readily configured as a high performance roller component for any application requiring heated rollers.

Unique performance and construction features of the “MAXPAK” swaged sleeve heater include the following:

1. Extreme Durability – High temperature heating element assemblies imbedded in ceramic insulation compacted to near theoretical density provides superior life and performance at temperatures up to 1600° F. The heaters can be constructed utilizing a wide range of metal sheath components including but not limited to tool steel, stainless steel and super alloys including Inconel, Incoloy and Monel. Special purpose coatings are also available.

2. Versatile Construction – “MAXPAK” swaged sleeve heaters can be supplied in a range of configurations ranging from simple heater configurations to complex, machined heaters engineered to meet the requirements of specific processing applications.

3. Optional Lead Systems – Leads can exit at any location along the length of the sleeve heater and can be customized to suit the need of the application.