Plastics & General Purpose Sensor Assemblies

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The “TRUTEMP” family of plastics and general purpose temperature sensing devices includes thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors and thermistors in a variety of industry standard configurations.

These popular sensor assemblies are designed for use in medium duty environments involving application temperatures of 900 degrees F. maximum.

A variety of construction options are available for each sensor configuration offered. These options include assorted calibrations, junction designs and terminations. Optional lead insulation materials and protection systems permit custom tailoring of the sensor to the application.

Standard sensor constructions feature high quality, stranded wire with duplex fiberglass insulation. Special wire sizes and constructions, in an assortment of insulation materials and protective coverings, are available.

Product Sample Photographs

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“TRUTEMP” Adjustable Bayonet Sensors With Stainless Steel Braid & Stainless Steel Armor Hose
“TRUTEMP” Adjustable Armor Bayonet Compact Style Sensors With .125 O.D. Probe & .207 O.D. Stainless Steel Armor Hose. Excellent For Tooling With Space Restrictions.
“TRUTEMP” Adjustable Bolt T/C With Braid Protected Leads. An Internal Thread Allows The Bolt To Rotate On The Spring To Provide Spring Loading Of The Tip Against The Bottom Of Any Depth Hole.
“TRUTEMP” Radius Shim Style Sensors. Available In Both Standard And Special Sizes.
“TRUTEMP” Non-Immersion Molding Machine Barrel Sensors With Custom Metric Bolt & Plug
“TRUTEMP” Nozzle Sensors With 1/4-28 Rotating Fitting, Braid & Spring Lead Support
“TRUTEMP” 3/16 Compression Mount Sensors
“TRUTEMP” Plastics Melt Bolt Sensors With Stainless Steel Armor, Plug Connector & Cable Clamp
“TRUTEMP” Non-Immersion Nozzle Sensors With Metric Thread & Spring Lead Support
“TRUTEMP” Spring Loaded Type "K" Thermocouple Mounted In Ceramic Housing With Kapton Insulated Pin Leads For OEM Sensor Application

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General Purpose & Plastics Sensor Introduction
Specifications and Initial Calibration Tolerances
Adjustable Bayonet Sensors Style "GA" & "GAM"
Fixed Bayonet Sensors Style "GB"
Fixed Probe Sensors Style "GF"
Sensor Accessories