Cable Heaters

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“MAXPAK” high performance cable heaters are offered in a variety of round, square and rectangular cross sectional constructions. Standard configurations include precision coiled or formed configurations as well as straight styles intended for customer forming. Straight “MAXPAK” cable heaters are fully annealed and are designed to satisfy customer in-house forming and coiling requirements as well as providing a range of stock elements for expedited delivery. Formed “MAXPAK” cable heaters are factory formed to customer specifications. Precision coiled “MAXPAK” cable configurations are available in both stock configurations and custom coiled to customer specifications.

“MAXPAK” cable heaters feature precision wound parallel coil elements fusion welded to nickel cold pins. The element assemblies are embedded within high purity ceramic and encased in an oxidation resistant metal sheath. The cable heaters are swaged to the final rectangular, square or round cross-sectional dimensions to compact the internal ceramic core and ceramic insulation to near theoretical density. This high density construction maximizes heat transfer and dielectric properties and provides the high level of reliability and performance required for even the most demanding of applications.

High performance coiled coiled cable configurations are engineered for cylindrical heating applications requiring any combination of high temperature, maximum wattage and abuse resistance. The coiled heaters inner and outer diameters provide a large surface area and precision fit to external or internal cylindrical surfaces. The resulting high rate of heat transfer to the component maximizes element life and efficiency. Metal sheathed construction combined with rugged lead terminations provide superior durability. Common plastic processing applications include heated bushings and nozzles for runnerless tooling, sprue bushings and molding machine nozzles.

Coiled cable configurations are precision formed utilizing computerized numerically controlled coiling machines for optimum uniformity and precision. For even greater precision and performance, the coiled cables can be sized to closer tolerances by means of a secondary compaction process. This process permits inside diameter tolerances to be held to within plus or minus .0005 inches and outside diameter tolerances to within plus or minus .001 inches.

Special cable heater design features including cold sections, distributed wattage and internal temperature sensors can be implemented when required. “MAXPAK” cable heaters can also be equipped with a variety of special mounting fittings. Common mounting features include tabs, flanges, NPT screw plug, bulkhead and compression fittings. Lead terminations options include the standard round cold extension with transition and leads with a full selection of sleeve, wire braid and armor lead protection. A variety of custom lead terminations are also available for applications with special termination requirements.

  1. High Performance Swaged Construction. Compacted high performance swaged cable heater design maximizes heat transfer for optimum heater performance and element life.
  2. Premium Electrical Properties. High purity ceramic insulation materials in combination with proprietary post processing operations maximizes insulation resistance and dielectric properties. All Duratherm cable heaters feature improved high voltage stability and reduced ground current leakage values.
  3. Superior Internal Element Coverage. Cable element coil is designed for maximum element wire size and surface coverage to increase wattage capabilities and reduce wire loading.
  4. High Quality Micro Welded Internal Connections. Cable element to conductor pin connection are fusion welded for maximum connection reliability.
  5. Durable Heavy Duty Sheath. “MAXPAK” cable heaters feature a rugged, oxidation resistant sheath. Available sheath materials include various stainless steel and incoloy compositions.
  6. Versatile Configurations And Cross Sections. “MAXPAK” cable heaters are supplied in straight, formed and coiled configurations. Standard styles include round, square and rectangular cross sections.
  7. Precision Coiled Styles. “MAXPAK” coiled cable heaters are formed on computer controlled coiling equipment for for optimum precision and repeatability in both single zone space wound and multiple zone distributed wattage configurations.
  8. Transition Style Lead Terminations. Standard leads exit from a durable hermetically sealed transition providing a reinforced and moisture proof lead system. Optional lead insulation materials and lead protection provide trouble free operation.
  9. Fast Delivery Of Standards And Specials. Computerized design system and a streamlined production process assures fast delivery of both standard and custom cable heaters in straight, formed and coiled configurations.

Product Sample Photographs

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General Assortment
“MAXPAK” Coiled Cable Heater Group Showing Assorted Coil Heater Sizes & Configurations
“MAXPAK” Coiled Cable Heaters .750 I.D. X .750 Long With Retainer Style Clamp Cover
“MAXPAK” Coiled Cable Heaters With Left & Right Exits, Laser Welded, Hermetically Sealed Transitions & Coiled In M.I. T/C's
“MAXPAK” Cable Heater 45° Exit Extension, Stainless Steel Braid & Ring Lug Termination
“MAXPAK” Cable Heater With Molded Transition & Internal Thermocouple
"MAXPAK" Large Cable Heaters .150 X .375 Section Coiled To 1.575 ID X 20.5 Long
“MAXPAK” Cable Heater .125 Cross Section With Laser Welded, Hermetically Sealed Transition, Radial Leads, T/C, Ground Wire & Braid
“MAXPAK” Cable Heater With Laser Welded, Hermetically Sealed Transition, Radial Exit, T/C, Ground Wire & Sleeved Leads
“MAXPAK” Coiled Cable Heaters Precision Swaged And Sized To .312 I.D.
“MAXPAK” Spiral Coiled Cable Heaters 2.047 I.D. X 2.820 O.D. & Teflon Leads
“MAXPAK” Spiral Coiled Cable Heaters 2.047 I.D. X 2.700 O.D. With Center Axial Lead Exit
Spiral Coiled Cable Heaters 1.00 I.D X 2.75 O.D With Axial Lead Exit & Teflon Leads
Cable Heaters Heavy Duty .150 X .375 Section Coiled To 1.181 I.D.
“MAXPAK” Miniature Flexible Cable Coil Heater Group Showing Assorted Sizes & Configurations
Cable Band Heater Heavy Duty .150 X .375 Section Coiled To 5.906
Cable Band Heater Heavy Duty .150 X .375 Section Coiled To 6.693
“MAXPAK” Cable Heater With Laser Welded, Hermetically Sealed Transition, Secondary Epoxy Seal & Teflon Leads
“MAXPAK” Cable Heater With Laser Welded, Hermetically Sealed Transition & Epoxy Potted Teflon Leads
“MAXPAK” Formed .125 Diameter Cable Heater With 3.250 I.D. For Packaging Die.
“MAXPAK” Cable Heater With Swaged Transition & Silicone Rubber Boot For Wash Down Applications
“MAXPAK” Cable Heaters With Type "TL" Leads Exiting Along Length Of Coil
“MAXPAK” Cable Heaters .100 X .160 X 2.555 X 2.500 1200W 220V With Clamp Cover
“MAXPAK” Cable Heaters .100 X .160 X 2.756 X 1.575 1000W 277V With Clamp Cover

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