Hermetically Sealed Cable Heater Transitions

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Duratherm has developed a series of  standard cable heater configurations featuring a hermetially sealed transition for total protection from moisture and contamination.. This transition design features a true high temperature, glass sealed transition construction which eliminates absorption of dielectric reducing moisture and other contaminanants. High temperature ceramic insulation fully encapsulates the critical cable and lead connection area. The laser welded transition configuration provides a rugged, abuse resistant transition ideal for cable heaters supplied in straight lengths for customer forming. This transition is also available as an option for preformed or coiled cable heater configurations. This transition construction provide the highest level of mechanical protection and eliminates the loss of insulation propertied due to moisture absorption and contamination. The seal eliminates moisture absorption during storage and protects the element from contaminants during operation.

The standard hermetically sealed transitions with Teflon* PFA leads are rated at 500° F. (260° C.) continuous. High temperature lead options include MGT leads rated at 900° F. (450° C.) continuous and our exclusive MGT leads with Kapton Wrap for maximum durability

High performance features of the swaged transition include the following:

1. Hermetic seal – Glass seal in combination with high temperature epoxy secondary seal provides total resistance to moisture. The two stage glass and epoxy seal protects the element from contamination during operation and eliminates moisture absorption during storage.

2. Heat resistant – Glass seal and Teflon* PFA leads are rated at 500° F. (260° C.) continuous.

3. High strength – Laser welded transition is extremely resistant to physical damage and breakage, providing high strength while maintaining full ductility of the cable heater to the transition.

4. Higher Current Rating – The swaging process compacts ceramic around the power conductors, increasing the rate of heat transfer and raising the effective current carrying capacity of the transition. Ideal for high wattage cable heater applications.

5. Versatile – Hermetically glass sealed cable heater transitions provide a rugged, high performance lead exit system accommodating fiberglass sleeve, wire braid and armor lead protection.

*Registered trademark of E.I. DuPont Inc.

Product Sample Photographs

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“MAXPAK” Cable Heater With Laser Welded, Hermetically Sealed Transition, Secondary Epoxy Seal & Teflon Leads
“MAXPAK” Cable Heater With Laser Welded, Hermetically Sealed Transition & Epoxy Potted Teflon Leads
“MAXPAK” Coiled Cable Heaters With Left & Right Exits, Laser Welded, Hermetically Sealed Transitions & Coiled In M.I. T/C's
“MAXPAK” Cable Heaters With Swaged Transitions & Natural Fiberglass Sleeved Leads
“MAXPAK” Cable Heater With Swaged Transition & Natural Fiberglass Sleeved Leads
“MAXPAK” Cable Heater With Swaged Transition & Silicone Rubber Boot For Wash Down Applications

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