Runnerless Systems And Hot Halves

Product Sample Photographs

Duratherm runnerless systems and hot halves can be manufactured utilizing standard Duratherm runnerless components or with legacy components from based on the old Fast Heat runnerless systems and other manufacturers.

Our impressive “SOLUTION” integrally heated component construction has established a level of durability, performance and versatility surpassing all others in the industry. This integral heated construction results in an incredibly reliable components capable of peak performance under the most severe operating conditions.

“SOLUTION” component thermal characteristics are coordinated to the actual mold environment. This thermal coordination establishes the optimum temperature profile for actual mold operating conditions and provides the temperature uniformity essential to quality molding of all thermoplastic resins.

A removable mineral insulated thermocouple installed into the “SOLUTION torpedoes’ integral thermowell provides precise temperature control.

“SOLUTION” component performance has been extensively evaluated in a variety of molding applications. Our years of consistently superior results have shown the “SOLUTION” components to be the highest performance mold components ever manufactured. Our system coordinated heat profiles have made the “SOLUTION” components the logical choice for processing both commodity and engineering resins.

Standard “SOLUTION” torpedo components are offered in a variety of configurations and sizes designed to accommodate most common runnerless molds utilizing gating torpedoes, runner torpedoes or distribution bar components.

Custom “SOLUTION” torpedo components are readily available and can be supplied in configurations designed to satisfy special dimensional requirements in new molds or to retrofit existing components in problem molds.

Product Sample Photographs

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Runnerless System 8 Cavity .675 Diameter Sleeve Heated Bushings Cropped
Runnerless System 8 Cavity In-Line .675 Diameter Sleeve Heated Bushings Cropped
Runnerless System 8 Cavity With Double End Center Feed Torpedo
Runnerless System 4 Cavity With Pin Gate And Cap Style Center Feed Bushings
Runnerless System 4 Cavity With Center Feed Bushings
Bushings And Manifold For 4 Cavity Runnerless System
Runnerless System 4 Cavity Bushings