Overview – Temperature Sensor Assemblies


Sensor Group
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The “TRUTEMP” family of temperature sensing devices includes thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors and thermistors in a variety of industrial and laboratory quality assemblies. A variety of construction options are available for each sensor configuration offered. These options include assorted calibrations, junction designs and terminations. Optional lead insulation materials and protection systems permit custom tailoring of the sensor to the application.

Versatile Temperature Sensor Styles….

“TRUTEMP” Plastics And General Purpose Sensors

These popular sensor assemblies are designed for use in medium duty environments involving application temperatures of 900°F. maximum. Standard constructions feature high quality, stranded wire with duplex fiberglass insulation. Special wire sizes and constructions, in an assortment of insulation materials and protective coverings, are available.
“TRUTEMP” Drawn Metal Sheath Cable Sensors

Mineral insulated, sensor assemblies are designed for demanding temperature measurement applications. The durable, metal-sheathed, mineral insulated cable protects the sensor elements in high temperature environments and provides superior abuse resistance for physically demanding industrial applications.
“TRUTEMP” Swaged Metal Sheath Cartridge Sensors

Mineral insulated, cartridge sensors are swage compacted assemblies featuring protective integral lead systems. These rugged assemblies are available in wide range of diameters and lengths and are suitable for use in any application requiring a combination of precision sensing and durability.
“TRUTEMP” Process Sensors And Protection Tubes

Welded bare wire and ceramic bead insulated sensors can be utilized in a wide assortment of applications. While these assemblies are commonly used in their unprotected form, they are often used in conjunction with various styles of protection tubes and thermowell assemblies. Duratherm stocks a complete line of common thermowells and will manufacture special thermowells when required. Our CNC equipped machine shop can produce any desired thermowell configuration.