MAXPAK Round Cartridge Heating Elements

Round Cartridge Heaters

In the years since it’s introduction, the Duratherm high watt density, swaged cartridge heater has attained a standard of quality second to none.

Our total commitment to engineering excellence is reflected in our successful efforts to improve heater performance and production efficiency. The results obtained clearly establish “MAXPAK” as the most consistent, reliable and economical cartridge heater on the market.

Quality Design and Construction.

  1. Premium Quality Element Wire. Nickel-chromium resistance wire is precision wound on a high purity ceramic core to optimum computer generated gauge and pitch specifications. Element wires overlap the internal pins and are swaged into a metallurgical bond for optimum connection life.
  2. Superior Element Positioning. Precision centering of the element assembly insures optimum heat uniformity around the circumference of the cartridge. The element winding is in close proximity to the cartridge sheath providing rapid and efficient transfer of heat to the application.
  3. Densely Compacted Ceramic Insulation. The magnesium oxide ceramic insulation is compressed to near theoretical density in order to provide the best combination of heat transfer and dielectric strength. This dense mass of compacted ceramic also provides maximum resistance to shock and vibration.
  4. High Temperature Alloy Sheath. Available sheath materials include various stainless steel and incoloy compositions. Additional metal sheath compositions can also be supplied as applications dictate.
  5. Welded End Seal. A metal end disc of the same alloy as the sheath is heli-arc welded into the end of the cartridge. This seal weld offers the total seal required for liquid heating applications as well as eliminating the possibility of contaminants entering the disc end of the cartridge.
  6. Durable, Heat Resistant Lead Systems. The standard high temperature leads exit from the cartridge through a protective ceramic end cap. The lead insulation is recessed well into the cap to eliminate any possibility of exposing bare wire when bending the leads sharply at the lead end. Standard leads consist of ten inches of UL approved stranded wire. The lead wire insulation is UL rated for 492°F/250°C continuous operating temperature. A wide variety of other standard and special purpose lead styles are also available.